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Sarasota County to allow beach access again

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SARASOTA –– Come Monday, Sarasota County residents will be able to visit their valued beaches once again.

Closed since mid-March, county commissioners unanimously agreed today to allow residents access to the beaches Monday, but only for active activities such as swimming, jogging, fishing, etc.

No drum circles. No congregating. No laying a towel on the sand for sunbathing. Those activities are things all commissioners said they didn’t want to see as they took a step many people had been advocating.

A majority of comments submitted electronically to the county Monday for open to the public showed support for reopening the beaches with 38 in support and 28 opposed.

But while the beaches will be open the parking lots won’t be. County staff indicated that keeping the parking lots closed will dissuade people from congregating and engaging in activities that remain prohibited.

No comment was made today as to when the parking lots will be opened.

Commissioners action today applies only to county beaches. Those in Venice and the city of Sarasota will remain closed for the time being.

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